Roofing Services

At Floyds Metal Buildings & Construction, we offer unprecedented roofing services. As part of our buildings, we incorporate premium roofs that last. We specialize in metal roofing and offer textured metal roofs for added security and appeal.

The role of your roof is an important one; is protects your home or building from weather elements by providing shelter. Roofs also create funnel for water and debris to flow away from your building structure. At Floyds Metal Buildings & Construction, we provide the same dependable, expert roofing serves as all of our other metal building projects.

Textured Metal

At Floyds Metal Buildings & Construction, we specialize in textured metal roofing. As one of the most innovative roofing types, textured roofs supply home and building owners with endless benefits. Attractive in appearance, textured roofs provide less glare, more traction and are far more scratch resistant than typical roofs. If you're interested in our textured roofs, then give us a call (870) 545-3568.

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