Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell trusses only?
A: No, we sell trusses, tin, trim, and other metal building materials.

Q: Do you need to pour your concrete first?
A: Yes, our buildings must bolt to the concrete.

Q: Do you pour your own concrete?
A: Yes, but only for an 80 mile radius of Berryville, AR

Q: How far will you go to build a building?
A: No job is too big or too far.

Q: What are your snow and wind load ratings?
A: Standard ratings are 20lb snow and 120 mph wind.

Q: Should I insulate my roof?
A: Any project where you don't want condensation to form on the bottom of your roof needs some type of vapor barrier.

Q: Should I use a sliding door or overhead roll up door?
A: Sliding doors typically work best in farm applications where a tight seal isn't needed.

Q: How long will it take to construct my building?
A: Typically we can build most in 2-5 days upon arrival.

Q: Do you finance?
A: No. We do require a deposit to start your project with the balance due upon delivery.

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