Agriculture Buildings

Our agriculture buildings are strong and at a GREAT price! These buildings are custom bid and build, and come with a variety of standard features such as:

  • 4:12 Pitch Roof
  • 40 year Warranty Colored Metal
  • Insulated Steel Entry Doors
  • Expandable Endwalls
  • Treated Bottom Plates
  • Color Matched Screws
  • 20 Colors to Choose From

In these tougher times, customers need a strong building at a good price. We offer basic hay barns, custom hay barns and equipment sheds. Add a side shed and gain more storage at a great low price. Barns can be built on concrete piers, stem-walls or slabs. We also offer engineered and approved buildings that have various special agency requirements.

See examples of our hay barns, custom hay barns and equipment here! Request a quote today!

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