Residential Buildings

Our Residential metal buildings are custom bid and built, and come with a variety of standard features such as:

  • 4:12 Pitch Roof
  • 40 year Warranty Colored Metal
  • Insulated Steel Entry Doors
  • Expandable Endwalls
  • Treated Bottom Plates
  • Color Matched Screws
  • 20 Colors to Choose From

Residential Metal Buildings

Residential metal buildings are increasing in popularity due to their low square footage price and quick build time. These buildings must be built on concrete floors, and do offer a very energy efficient home when ENERGY STAR colors are used. Soffited overhangs and shed/porches help give that "residential" look. We also give the option of installing doors & windows that you pick from your local home store. Various insulation is available to meet your needs as well.

Barndominiums & Metal Building Homes

Metal and barn-style homes (also known as barndominiums) are becoming an increasingly popular choice among residents. Why? For a few reasons. Beyond a unique appearance exuding a lot of character, these residential structures offer greater efficiency and ease of build. Particularly, metal homes ensure home owners will have not only cheaper utility bills but also minimal maintenance. Not to mention, these structures are extremely durable; their metal elements rid homeowners of the worry of mold, rot and damage from weather unlike traditional houses made of wood. Plus, when it comes to barndominiums, many are attracted to the impressive vaulted ceilings and open floor plans that make them great assets on the market. Talk with Floyds Metal Buildings & Construction about having your very own metal or barndominium home built today!

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